Jessica + Jonathan: 10.12.14 | Pensacola Yacht Club | Pensacola, Florida


When I walked into the bridal suite at the Pensacola Yacht Club, I found Jessica + her bridesmaids surrounded by all the usual wedding morning details… hair spray, curling irons, makeup AND…  Jessica’s laptop, streaming her beloved Packers’ game!  A … Continue reading

Pam + Myke: 10.5.14 | Destin Bay House | Destin, Florida


I have been excitedly awaiting Pam + Myke’s wedding ever since their sweet engagement session in downtown Pensacola earlier this year.  As we talked about her wedding, Pam would light up with anticipation and describe the different parts of the … Continue reading

Carley + Dylan: 10.4.14 | Cathedral of the Sacred Heart + Palafox House | Pensacola, Florida


There are certain types of people in this world that just exude happiness + positivity and Carley might as well be their leader.  From the moment we met,  I knew she was going to bring her beaming, beautiful charm into … Continue reading

Carley + Dylan: Rehearsal | Cathedral of the Sacred Heart + V. Paul’s Italian Ristorante | Pensacola, Florida


Last Friday night I had the chance to attend + photograph Carley + Dylan’s wedding rehearsal + dinner.  I don’t always make it to rehearsals, and boy, did I forget how fun they can be!    It was such an awesome … Continue reading