Liz: Model Session

When my friend Liz asked me to do a modeling photo shoot, all I could think of were the ridiculous stunts they pull on America’s Next Top Model.  We joked that we would include live tigers and underwater shoots and all the craziness like the TV show.  When the day finally came for our session, it turned out that things ended up getting a little crazy after all!  First of all, this was the first photo session that I have ever done in 4 inch heels.  Not to mention we were climbing up and down the bluffs in Pensacola, including walking up and down railroad tracks and rock piles.  Then, as we were getting some awesome shots of Liz laying on the tracks, we heard a train whistle – it took us a solid few seconds to realize that we needed to move – FAST.  Luckily we were able to get some awesome shots while the train passed in the background.  We also had to deal with swarms of ants (there were a bajillion ants), and broken glass and burnt tree stumps.  So in the end, we had our own little difficult photoshoot, but with beautiful results.  Liz is in the process of signing with an agency in Atlanta, and it is obvious she is going places.

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