Carly & Zach: 6.9.12

Rain.  It’s the four letter word of weddings.  And June 9th was a drencher.  En route to the wedding, I was rerouted 2 times in order to avoid roads that had flooded with up to 5 feet of rushing water.  The city of Pensacola declared an emergency just as I was trying to make my way out of town.  I’ve had rain before on wedding days, but nothing like this!  I made it to St. Francis at the Point in Point Clear, Alabama for Carly & Zach’s ceremony while the rain was still coming down in buckets.   As thunder crashed during the ceremony, I thought to myself that we may never make it outside for pictures, (which has never happened to me before) ….but I was going to roll with it.  That is, until we looked outside after the ceremony – the rain had stopped!  We were able to get tons of outdoor pictures with the whole bridal party (including some fun rain themed shots) and were blessed with the most amazing sunset.  Some of my favorite images of the day are of Carly & Zach taking a moment to reflect on their day, with the skyline of Mobile in the distance (the place where they first met!)  It was truly an honor.  Enjoy your pictures!

View their slideshow here.

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