Summer Vacation: Austin

Austin.  Where do I start?  I never imagined how much I could love Austin.  Jeff & I have been planning a weekend trip there since I moved down south almost 2 years ago.  It’s not close (10+ hours) but Jeff & I always seem to be up for epic road trip adventures (not to mention cramming it into 48 hours.)  So we had 24 wonderful hours in this little gem of a city.  We arrived at 5pm Saturday with our bikes in tow, ready to explore the city.  Saturday night, I chose to leave the camera at home and thoroughly enjoyed exploring 6th Street & Rainey Street.  And we biked 10+ miles (woo!) We woke up Sunday and this time my camera came along with us.  We had a great brunch at Magnolia Cafe and then checked out the wonder that is South Congress Ave.  Everywhere you look there is something amazing in Austin.  Every building, every mural, every store was different.  And weird.  And I love it.

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