Kathryn & Lee: E-Session

When Kathryn contacted me back in January about shooting her engagement session with her fiance Lee, she called me “Miss Kate” and I immediately knew I would like her.  We decided that Bayview Park would be a great location to start our shoot, especially because we wanted to include their two dogs, Connor & Remy.  They were hands down, the easiest, most well behaved pets I’ve ever photographed.  When I said, “Look here & smile”, they just did.  How lucky am I?!   We finished our session down at the 17th Street Grafitti Bridge, a favorite of mine because it always results in such fun photos.  Did I mention the wind?  It was crazy windy for the duration of the session.  There were times when I literally thought I was going to blow over.  But we survived!  And look at these awesome results!  Enjoy guys!!


2 thoughts on “Kathryn & Lee: E-Session

  1. Wow, Miss Kate…These pics are awesome….wonderful use of background elements and perspective….I love your work, and I know katie and lee will too!! Cheryl, mom of bride

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