Kate’s Captures Partners with Tiny Prints!! Exclusive Sale!!

Get ready for some exciting news!!

logosWe have partnered with Tiny Prints this year to help with the ordering and printing of your holiday cards!


Tiny Prints is a leading retailer of premium personalized holiday photo cards and has been recognized for their high quality prints and unmatched customer service. Each card ordered is also hand reviewed before it’s printed to ensure quality and accuracy. To start your order through Tiny Prints, please click on this link:


This will lead you to our co-branded Tiny Prints Storefront. From here, you can shop for any product on the Tiny Prints site or review a few of my favorite designs (Spoiler Alert: there is A LOT of black, white + gold!) and then use your own images to complete your card.

And to top all of this off, TOMORROW Tiny Prints is hosting it’s best sale of the ENTIRE year. For 24 hours only, they’re giving 25% off AND free shipping!! Say WHAT?!? I know, it seems too good to be true, but it’s not. It starts tonight at precisely MIDNIGHT (12pm) Pacific TONIGHT! Use the code HOLIDAY25FS to get this deal!  Get your shop on, people!


NOTE: If you go through an order NOW and purchase without putting a photo on the card, the card order will not ship. you will be able to go back into your account at a later date, upload the photo’s and just resubmit the order with the photo in it. This way, you can take advantage of this sale right now even if you are not ready to use certain photographs or they haven’t even been taken yet!

**You’ll also notice a new option on our homepage to “SHOP!”  In addition to Tiny Prints, we have also partnered with Wedding Paper Divas + their amazing wedding stationary!**


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