Holiday Vacation: Alcatraz

The week after Rachel + Kevin’s San Jose wedding, my friend (also named Rachel!) and I spent the week touring San Francisco. This was my first time as the tour guide, and while I have spent a lot of time in this city recently, I’m by no means an expert.  Although I do think we did a pretty great job navigating the city as somewhat “newcomers.” One thing I had yet to explore in the city was the tour at Alcatraz, and Rachel was totally up for it, so we decided to head out to what once was, a maximum security prison. You know, light stuff. Anyways, we had some spectacular San Francisco weather for our trip, with some amazing blue skies during our time on the rock. I love all of the outside photos! Now, the inside tour was professionally done, educational, really cool + pretty creepy. I stood in the isolation chamber and got some really weird vibes. (*Note to self, don’t edit creepy prison pictures while staying in a hotel alone with your chihuahua. End Note.) Here are some pretty cool + pretty freaky images from a really fun day.

Here comes the creepy…
Some images of escape attempts.
And then HAPPY to be on the boat back to San Francisco!

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