Holiday Vacation: Napa + Sonoma, California

Last weekend, in celebration of Juliet’s birthday + Jeff’s Christmas present, we headed to Napa Valley for some post-Christmas wine tasting! The 3 of us visited Sonoma back in 2011, with then underage Juliet as our chauffeur, and we wanted to return the favor by letting her partake this time. We found an awesome hotel near the wineries and set out on our journey.

Our first stop was Mumm, specializing in sparkling wine. We enjoyed our tasting, a flight of 3 different blends and left a little gigglier. (*Jeff volunteered to be our DD, so he wasn’t quite as giggly.)
Our next stop was ZD, right next door, where we enjoyed the ambiance, their upside down Christmas tree and more wine.
After this tasting, we were feeling it, so we decided to break for food. On the recommendation of our host at ZD, we stopped at the Oakville grocery and obtained all the necessities for a wine country picnic, french bread, cheese and olives! This was a favorite memory of the entire trip (and that’s not just the wine talking.) 2014-01-04_0010.jpg

Our next stop was Robery Mondavi, the most recognizable winery we visited during our trip. There were a lot more people here (and LOTS of kids….) but we also happened to catch it right at sunset, so we used the opportunity to take a few extra pictures. There are definitely pros + cons to traveling with a professional photographer.
The next day, we made a last minute decision to head to Sonoma and relive a little of our previous trip, but this time with Juliet participating! We made it to downtown Sonoma and it was just as charming as I remembered. Our first stop was Envolve, a winery tucked away in a shopping area. The wine was great and we enjoyed drinking wine at a time in the day that would be considered “early”, had we been anywhere else.
On our final stop, we decided to forgo the tasting and just order glasses of wine and a plate of goodies. I could eat + drink like this everyday, but I really wouldn’t get much accomplished. It’s a good thing I live 3000 miles from wine country. 2014-01-04_0020.jpg

Until next time!

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