OUR Engagement Photos!!

I can’t believe I am JUST getting around to sharing our engagement photos! HELLO, January! The week before Thanksgiving, my friend Meg from Meg Burke Photography met us on Pensacola Beach for our engagement session. The weather called for temps in the 50s and WIND, but we decided to go for it! We started the session on our bikes with Bojangles at the helm in her basket. This is a totally normal occurence, and while staged for the photos, we seriously do this ALL THE TIME. She loves it!
2014-01-08_0006.jpg If you know Bojangles, you know the trick on the right!
2014-01-08_0008.jpg We were absolutely freezing after finishing the first set of photos, so we changed into something a little more cozy and watched the sunset on the beach over a picnic + champagne. Again, something we are known to do from time to time. Except it’s usually wine (we’re not THAT fancy!)   Bojangles enjoyed the cheese + meat, as always, and we had a lovely (but still chilly) time for the rest of the shoot. Meg – I can’t thank you ENOUGH for making these memories for us! Thanks again for braving the wind + cold for us! You are a ROCKSTAR!!
2014-01-08_0009.jpg Bojangles expression KILLS me in this photo.
2014-01-08_0015.jpg Reppin’ our Giants.

Many thanks to Fiore for our florals + Hemstitch Vintage Rentals for the darling picnic basket + tray!!

10 thoughts on “OUR Engagement Photos!!

  1. Welcome to our family Kate. Jeff has great taste. You are a “GIANT” addition to our family. The photos are fantastic.
    Love, Aunt Kay

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