Ricki + Riley: Engagement | Pensacola Beach, Florida

I met Ricki when she first moved to Pensacola last year and was immediately drawn to her energy. She has the type of personality that just can’t be contained, and her excitement is super contagious. So when she contacted me a few weeks ago to tell me that she got engaged over the holidays, I was over the moon! We originally scheduled their photos for another date, but the cold front (aka Florida winter) that came through town changed our plans. We decided to reschedule and then, due to Ricki’s work schedule, we scheduled our session at 1:00pm (a little earlier than I usually prefer to shoot.) As I drove out to the beach last Friday, the fog was thick on the bridges and I had my doubts. Imagining minimal visibility, I decided to at least check it out, and upon arriving, was TOTALLY blown away. Not only did we manage to schedule our session at the one location on the beach that wasn’t shrouded in fog, the water color was IN-CREDIBLE. And it just happened to be the spot where Riley proposed.  We seriously lucked out.  Ricki + Riley totally rocked their whole session – I just adore everything about these images! Many, many congratulations to you two!!
2014-01-13_0005.jpg RICKI!! You are GORGEOUS!!!!
2014-01-13_0007.jpg Another favorite:
2014-01-13_0012.jpg A quick outfit change…
2014-01-13_0014.jpg LOVE! 2014-01-13_0015.jpg

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