Ali: 2 Years

One of the hardest parts about living away from my family is that I have to squeeze in my “bonding” time over short trips throughout the year. When my cousin Nick + his wife Stephanie had their first baby 2 years ago, I was worried that I would be considered a “stranger” because I wasn’t a regular part of her life. Lucky for me, they have one awesome, sweet, social little girl that warms right up to me every time. This trip was extra special because we got to spend a LOT of time together! Little Ali is just the cutest thing! One of the funniest parts with this visit was the fact that Ali kept calling me, “Hannah” (my cousin’s girlfriend.) I reminded her every time that I was Kate, not Hannah, and she would throw her hand over her mouth, realizing her mistake, and say “KATE!” I was tickled to hear that after I left, Ali kept asking for “Hannah, KATE!” and when prompted to name members of the family in their Christmas card photo, pointed right at Hannah and said “KATE!” So I guess I made an impression! We started pictures right after we woke up in the morning, complete with some ridiculously cute PJ’s, before changing into a few outfits and even managing a quick trip to the park. It was a COLD day, with temps in the 20s/30s, and I took Ali to the park myself for a few outdoor photos. I have a newfound respect for all you parents out there! It was my first “one-on-one” photo session with a toddler and it was very active! I had a wonderful time with this sweet, sweet girl – enjoy my memories from a morning with Ali!! 2014-04-02_0046.jpg


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