The Norris Family | John Wright Restaurant | Wrightsville, Pennsylvania

This family! I first started working with them back in 2009 for Danielle + Terry’s engagement/wedding photos and over the years have photographed them on multiple occasions, including Danielle’s maternity photos, Blake’s newborn + 6 month photos and even joined them for a trip to Disney World back in 2011 for Blake’s first birthday. I haven’t seen them since our Disney trip so when I met back up with them a few weeks ago in Wrightsville, PA, I was blown away at how much everyone had grown! (Danielle + Terry excluded – y’all are just as fly as ever!) Lucky for all of us, these guys have plenty of practice with my photography style, so we were able to knock out this shoot quickly – it was COLD. Like numb hands, wind chapped cheeks, COLD. Thankfully, we took a few much needed breaks inside the warmth of the restaurant!  When we were finished with our session, I was invited to stay for an awesome multiple course dinner at the John Wright Restaurant with Danielle + Terry.  No complaints here!!  It was so nice catching up with these guys – they are an absolute pleasure every time we hang out! Can’t wait until next time!!

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