The Edmonds Family | Gulf Shores, Alabama

Pictures may tell a thousand words, but there’s a deeper story behind these photos that needs to be told. Monica + her family inspire me with their courage and love in the face of adversity. I hope Monica’s story offers inspiration for anyone who needs it.

Before her own diagnosis, Monica was no stranger to cancer. After watching 4 of her aunts succumb to the disease and knowing her own chances were heightened, she became an advocate of early mammograms and at her checkup in the spring of 2011 she received a clean bill of health. Later that fall, she noticed an abnormality and went to her doctor the next day. They sent her for a biopsy and received the news. Two types of cancer, with surgery required immediately.

Surrounded by an amazing support group of family + friends, Monica began to fight. A double mastectomy + 11 reconstructive surgeries followed over the next 15 months. Her diagnosis was Stage 2B, no lymph nodes and a low chance of re-occurrence.

Less than 2 years later, her back began to hurt and would not quit. After 8 months of multiple doctors and testing, they learned the cancer had returned and spread to her spine. This beautiful 38 year old mother was faced with a disease without a cure.

In Monica’s own words, “Cancer will not take my family’s joy. We smile each day and place cancer to the side where it belongs. Still fighting, never forgetting, but not letting this stage-four cancer steal a moment of memories we can make.”

I have no words for how incredibly brave and strong this family is. I had the most amazing time hanging out with their joyous spirits. Throughout our session, laughter + smiles filled the air and you would never, EVER know what they are facing each day. There is no sign of cancer in these photos. Just lots and lots of love.  People like Monica make the world a better place and prove that each day we are given is an absolute gift. I am beyond honored to have had the opportunity to meet + photograph this amazing family.


We had a little fun 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Edmonds Family | Gulf Shores, Alabama

  1. I want to personally say thank you and may God bless you for giving this wonderful gift to my family! The pictures are perfect and capture the strong connection between my brother and sis-n-law and capture the us spirit of their family. It meant the world to Monica and she is so happy to have these physical momentos to remember such a wonderful time in her family’s lives! Monica never asks for anything but she deserves everything! Thank you 🙂

  2. Omg I absolutely LOVE these!!! Monica is my cousin & I have to say she is such a strong person & even stronger fighter! Her & her family deserve so much she’s such a giver & never asks for anything in return! She has such a contagious n beautiful smile anyone that meets her will never forget it that’s for sure! I LOVE YOU CUZ SO VERY MUCH!!! I’m so thankful they got this opportunity & these pictures capture them perfectly ♥♥

  3. Awesome pictures!! Monica is a special young lady. The Edmonds family have had some very rough roads. God bless them all.

  4. I don’t know these people. But I do know that Kate always takes awesome pictures! My heart goes out to these people who have chosen to be so positive and so happy in spite of such hard circumstances! Beautiful pictures! And prayers and best wishes for you all!

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