Niyoka | Beauty Session | Pensacola Beach, Florida

Niyoka contacted me over a year ago about possibly having her photos taken to celebrate her birthday.  She was a bridesmaid in one of my 2012 weddings and wanted to work together again, and I was totally on board for a beauty session with her!  We would check back in with each other periodically, but then months would go by and life became a scramble to keep up.  We were both so busy, it seemed like our schedules would never align.  Well, I am more than happy to announce that we DID IT!  All it took was one minor cross-country move and we were able to set up a session during my very first trip back to Pensacola.  We met at the beach on a brisk Friday evening and Niyoka rocked it like the gorgeous girl she is.  I had such a great time with her during this mini session – we were all smiles the entire time!!  Now that I’m back in San Francisco, just looking at these photos of the beach makes me ready for our next trip!!



One thought on “Niyoka | Beauty Session | Pensacola Beach, Florida

  1. Thank you again Kate. You are the best photographer there is. I will recommend everyone I know to you. You are very professional, kind, funny and most of all SMART. I will definitely contact you for more pics in the future. Take care!

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