A Lover’s Lane + Marin Headlands Engagement | Alma + Amadeo | San Francisco, California

It was only hot chocolate. But to us, it was so much more. It was a modern day love story. One day while at brunch with friends, Alma casually ordered a hot chocolate for Amadeo while he was away from the table, and when he returned and received his drink order, his reaction was one of delight and surprise: “My love! A hot chocolate!” he said in his smooth Spanish accent, and then he kissed her with such love and adoration that everyone else at the table promptly melted. I mean, it was only a hot chocolate. But this little moment between the two of them is so telling of their sweet relationship and love for one another. It’s those times when you know exactly what your partner needs, even before they know themselves. Those moments when even the people around you know how perfectly matched you are and how wonderful it is that you’ve found one another. You see, I’ve known Alma since she was in middle school. I’ve watched her guard the goal at field hockey games, wished her luck on her adventures in Africa with the Peace Corps and squealed with delight when we realized that life had brought us both to San Francisco. She’s one of the best people I’ve ever known, and for that reason, we expected a lot from the man she was meant to marry. So when Amadeo came into the picture, not only did he sweep Alma off of her feet, but he swept all of us too. The night that he proposed, we all waited quietly in their apartment to surprise them upon their return, but the truth is, no one was surprised. These two were made for each other and everyone who knows them agrees. Alma + Amadeo, (or Almadeo) we had such a fun time running around the city (literally!) for your engagement photos and cannot WAIT to celebrate with you next year in Spain! We love you, friends!

Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1000.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1001.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1002.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1003.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1010.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1004.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1005.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1009.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1008.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1006.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1007.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1012.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1011.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1013.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1014.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1015.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1017.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1018.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1019.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1020.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1021.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1016.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1022.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1026.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1024.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1027.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1023.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1028.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1029.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1030.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1031.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1032.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1033.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1034.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1035.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1036.jpg
Our next two sets were inspired by Alma + Amadeo’s love of running and cycling!! Aren’t they just the cutest!?!
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1037.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1038.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1039.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1040.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1041.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1042.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1043.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1044.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1045.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1046.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1047.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1048.jpg
Lover's Lane SF Engagement_1049.jpg

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