Jackson | 1 Month Old | Los Gatos Newborn Photographer | Los Gatos, California

It was on my calendar for months. We were invited to attend a baby shower for Kelly + Blake, our sweet clients-turned-friends from last wedding season, but instead, we got a text saying that little Jackson decided that he wanted to join us early! Perhaps he wanted to attend his own party? 🙂 After spending 3 long weeks in the NICU, he finally got to go home with his mom and dad, which is where I found them one week later for his newborn session. Obviously, I’m already a huge fan of baby Jackson – he’s just precious and so tiny, with the cutest blond hair! And check out the cool digs that welcomed him home: his nautical-themed nursery with custom-painted portholes featuring some underwater friends… and shark sheets. That’s right, SHARK SHEETS! I’m obsessed! Kelly + Blake, it is such a joy seeing you as new parents and I can’t wait to watch your darling boy grow up. Thankful for a lovely afternoon with friends and already looking forward to the next time.

Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1000.jpg
Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1001.jpg
Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1002.jpg
Take a close look through the porthole…. even Mitch got in on the underwater fun!Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1003.jpg
Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1004.jpg
Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1005.jpg
Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1006.jpg
Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1008.jpg
Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1009.jpg
Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1007.jpg
Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1010.jpg
Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1012.jpg
Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1013.jpg
Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1011.jpg
Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1015.jpg
Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1016.jpg
Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1017.jpg
Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1018.jpg
Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1019.jpg
Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1020.jpg
Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1021.jpg
Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1024.jpg
Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1026.jpg
Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1022.jpg

Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1023.jpg
Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1025.jpg

Los Gatos Newborn Photographer_1028.jpg

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