A Palace of Fine Arts + Fort Baker Engagement Session | Karlie + Chris | San Francisco, California

It was the first day of their last semester at SF State and Chris was late to class.  Upon arriving, he grabbed the only remaining seat in the room, which just so happened to be right next to Karlie.  And the rest, as they say, was history.  Or in this case, poli-sci 😉  But truthfully, that day was only the beginning of their story.  After slowly growing closer through the help of some mutual friends, they became a couple and 8.5 short years later, under the shadow of the great Golden Gate, Chris asked Karlie to marry him and she said yes!  We cannot wait to celebrate with them at their Santa Cruz wedding next spring!  But first, ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS!  We met at the always fabulous Palace of Fine Arts before making our way to Fort Baker and the literal spot where they got engaged.  We celebrated all over again by popping some bubbly and admiring the sunset and city views from this special place.  And while I already knew that I liked these two, the deal was sealed the moment they didn’t bat an eye and urged me to swig their remaining champagne straight from the bottle.  To which I, of course, obliged.  Karlie and Chris are beautiful, fun AND funny – my kind of people.  Cheers to these new friends!Palace-of-Fine-Arts-Engagement-Session_1000.jpg
Fort-Baker-Engagement Session_1012.jpg
Fort-Baker-Engagement Session_1013.jpg
Fort-Baker-Engagement Session_1014.jpg
Fort-Baker-Engagement Session_1015.jpg
Fort-Baker-Engagement Session_1016.jpg
Fort-Baker-Engagement Session_1017.jpg
Fort-Baker-Engagement Session_1018.jpg
Fort-Baker-Engagement Session_1019.jpg
Fort-Baker-Engagement Session_1020.jpg
Fort-Baker-Engagement Session_1021.jpg
Fort-Baker-Engagement Session_1022.jpg
Fort-Baker-Engagement Session_1023.jpg
Fort-Baker-Engagement Session_1024.jpg
Fort-Baker-Engagement Session_1025.jpg
Fort-Baker-Engagement Session_1026.jpg
Fort-Baker-Engagement Session_1027.jpg

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