The Meister Family | Pensacola Beach Family Photographer | Pensacola Beach, Florida

The first time I met Natalie and Brian was on a party bus. Three years later, we were taking their maternity photos as they were soon-to-be parents prepping for the arrival of their firstborn, a baby boy to be named Brock. We’ve been friends for years – we’ve brunched more than I can count, gone on camping trips, spent New Year’s together, and attended many, many a costume party. Suffice it to say, it’s always a celebration! And then POOF. It’s 2017, their firstborn is now 4 years old AND a big brother to sweet baby Gage! I was so happy to catch up with these friends of mine and just loved hearing all about their cute little guys. Natalie’s parents even joined in on the excitement for a few photos! We had such a gorgeous, clear day on the beach and I just love how that translated into such clean and bright photos! It was an exhilarating evening spent kissing babies, telling knock knock jokes and chasing Brock around the beach. Even though life is more about parenting than parties these days, there’s never a dull moment and I loved every second with this fantastic family. Enjoy these precious memories, friends!

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