Kelly + Andy: 6.22.18 | A San Francisco City Hall Wedding | San Francisco, California

The first thing you should know about Kelly + Andy is that they are seriously cool people.  From their urban engagement session around San Francisco, to their gorgeous wedding day at City Hall, each and every moment was more awesome than the last.  Ironically, both their engagement photos and wedding day fell on the most celebrated weekend of Pride Month, one of the busiest times all year in San Francisco.  During a stop at the murals in the Mission last year, we dodged parades and cheered along with revelers, and this year we were in the very center of the action – Civic Center Plaza and City Hall!  On the day of their wedding, the streets around City Hall were closed down, stages were erected for the coming weekend’s festivities, and traffic was… well you can only imagine!  When Kelly + Andy were registering with their judge, I learned that this day, the Friday before Pride, was one of, if not the MOST popular days to get married at City Hall (rivaled only by Valentine’s Day!)  But not only are these two cool in the sense that they are rad humans, Kelly + Andy were doubly chill in the sense that they were so calm and relaxed despite the elevated numbers of people and general heightened craziness that surrounds a special weekend like Pride!   With a little patience and a touch of Photoshop, you’ll see it looks like we had the whole place to ourselves 🙂  The day was filled with happy hugs, joyful tears of gratitude, and a lot of love and overall good vibes, which only continued into the evening as more friends and family joined to celebrate the newlyweds at their festive reception at ‘The Office,’ an awesome space that overlooks Market Street.  The reception itself was a labor of love – every element was planned and executed by Kelly’s family, from the cake made by her mother to the hours spent planning and decorating by her aunt and cousins.  It’s not hard to tell that Kelly + Andy are loved and adored by everyone that surrounds them.  I’m so honored to share these photos with you, and even more honored to call these two my friends.  Cheers to the ‘coolest’ newlyweds I know 🙂

San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1000.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1001.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1002.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1003.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1004.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1005.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1006.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1007.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1008.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1009.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1010.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1014.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1015.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1016.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1011.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1012.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1017.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1018.jpgSan-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1019.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1020.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1021.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1022.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1023.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1024.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1025.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1026.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1027.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1028.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1029.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1030.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1031.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1032.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1033.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1034.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1035.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1036.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1037.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1038.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1039.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1040.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1041.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1042.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1043.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1044.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1045.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1046.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1047.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1048.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1049.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1050.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1051.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1052.jpgSan-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1053.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1054.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1055.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1056.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1057.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1058.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1059.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1060.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1061.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1062.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1063.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1064.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1065.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1066.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1067.jpg
San-Francisco-City Hall-SF-Wedding-Photographer_1068.jpg

Dress | Sottero + Midgely: Annika | J’aime Bridal | Pleasanton, California

Flowers | The Bride’s Aunt Laurie

Ceremony Venue | San Francisco City Hall

Reception Venue | The Office

DJ | Bay Area Beats DJs

Cake | The Bride’s Mother

Catering | Papalote

Stationery | Zazzle

Rentals | Unica Party Rentals


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