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I’ve been looking forward to Chloe’s arrival all summer, and especially since we realized that her mom is a high school friend of Jeff’s! It took us about 8 emails to draw the connection, but once we did, we knew … Continue reading

The Newlywed Album: Details

Has anyone else noticed that in this age of digital images, social media & smart phones, we have hundreds (or in my case, thousands & thousands) of virtual copies of our photographs, yet nothing tangible to show for it?  Time after time, I chat with my brides months or even years after their wedding and they have yet to order any wedding photos.  These beautiful images exist only on their computers.  So what do I suggest to avoid this tragedy?  The Newlywed Album!  These are gorgeous, leather bound albums with 1.5 mm thick, flush mounted, panoramic photo pages.  They are the perfect way to display a variety of images from your wedding day, all in one stylish package.

Every wedding has a story. How do you want to tell yours?

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{Additional cover options available.}

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