Wallpaper Wednesday: Up, Up + Away

This upcoming weekend will be my first free weekend in a while and I’m so excited for the fun adventures we have planned. I took this photo at a hot air balloon festival we attended last year and it just makes me feel happy. While this weekend won’t include any balloon rides, it will surely be a great time. So happy Wednesday to you all!

Wallpaper Wednesday: Watching the Clock

It’s here, it’s here! Daylight saving time is this weekend and I am SO happy! Shorter winter days mean less evening light and earlier photo shoots and I’m over it! We’ve got an awesome destination engagement shoot in the Eastern Time Zone scheduled for this Saturday, so I’m going to jump ahead one hour via time zone and then come back to Central Time and spring forward an hour. Let’s all assume that come Sunday, I’ll have no idea what time it is!

Wallpaper Wednesday: A Mini Milestone

I’ll admit, I was struggling to find an applicable topic for this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday and while I was looking back at all of my past entries for inspiration, I realized that, as of tomorrow, I’ve been posting these shareable wallpapers for a year! Honestly, I’ve missed a few weeks along the way, either due to vacations or just plain forgetting the fact that it was Wednesday. (That happens to everyone, right?) So anyways, in honor of one year of wallpapers, I got myself some flowers. And by that, I mean I took a picture of some pretty flowers at a street vendor in San Francisco a few years ago.  I plan on continuing to share these weekly wallpapers – if anyone has any suggestions or requests, please feel free to shoot me an email!  Happy Wednesday!!

Wallpaper Wednesday: Metamorphosis

We are gearing up for our first wedding of the year this Saturday and I am so excited to get back to it! I always spend the down season recharging and educating myself to become an even better photographer and small business owner. One of Jeff’s favorite quotes is, “Make yourself 1% better every day.” While I have to admit, there are days when progress seems like a stretch, I still think it’s a brilliant motto to live by. This season, I’m not only a wedding photographer, but a bride as well, and I think this new perspective will help my process + style evolve into an even more beautiful phase of my career.