Loni + Peter: 9.3.17 | A deYoung Museum Wedding | San Francisco, California

After months of encouragement from his pastor, Peter finally decided that it was time to host a Bible study at his home in San Francisco.  That very first night, he noticed Loni – her beauty, her poise, her passion.  And … Continue reading

Maya + Phillip: 4.23.17 | A Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery Wedding | Pleasanton, California

Maya liked him immediately.  Phillip had arrived to their mutual friends’ Giants/A’s tailgate well prepared, and she instantly started to take note.  He had hazel eyes, a warm, inviting smile AND on top of all this, he was a fellow … Continue reading

Lydia + Jed: 8.9.14 | Olive Baptist Church | Pensacola, Florida

I have been looking forward to Lydia + Jed’s wedding ever since I hung out with them during their fun-loving engagement session earlier this year.  These two make each other so happy + are so visibly in love, it is … Continue reading